Dare to Dream America Application - Love Your Body  

Youth ~ Cassie Stafford
Mentor ~ Stacy Justiss (Executive Director)
Organization ~ Florida Institute for Family Involvement

Activity book with pages to color, journal pages, mind challenging puzzles such as crosswords and word finds which will all portray the same message of "Love Your Body.”


Dare to Dream America Application - Youth Jam

Youth ~ Alex Medina, Paris Duncan, Romeo Cabada, Alicea Wisneski, Kristy Medina, Pete Martinez, Mike King, and London Cabada
Mentor ~ Julie Medina (Program Developer)
Organization ~ Parents for Behaviorally Different Children

A battle of the bands, called Youth Jam, to inform our peers about where they can go in a time of need; the first song will be the bands choice, and the second song will be on a mental health topic of their choice.


Dare to Dream America Application - Youth in ACTION-Working Through Our Differences

Youth ~ Mule Town Youth IN Action Council
Mentor ~ Millie Sweeney (Assistant Director for Programs)
Organization ~ Tennessee Voices for Children

A one day training to raise awareness about mental health issues in the community. The training is for 50-100 youth participants, ages 12-15 with a key note speaker focusing on decreasing stigma issues related to mental health.


Dare to Dream America Application - Anti-Stigma Rocks

Youth ~ Eric Buckner
Mentor ~ Nicole Gustafson (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Idaho Federation of Families

Anti-Stigma - Art Activity on mental health which would spark discussions and a barbeque to follow event

Dare to Dream America Application - Mental-Health Awareness

Youth ~ Jose Garcia
Mentor ~ Victor Damian (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Youth Task Force

Design Jones Soda bottles with facts about Children’s Mental Health, the bottles will be used to help raise Mental Health Awareness.


Dare to Dream America Application - Youth Speaking Out: Our Emotional Kaleidoscope

Youth ~ Nicholas Ferrer
Mentor ~ Michael Ferrer (Youth Program Director)
Organization ~ Parent Support Network of Rhode Island

Youth Speaking Out: Our Emotional Kaleidoscope, a multimedia presentation that included narratives, spoken word, music and art that gives a taste of our social and emotional experiences, which would become a permanent “Emotional Kaleidoscope” gallery in their youth center.  


Dare to Dream America Application - Express Yourself

Youth ~ Monica Tembe
Mentor ~ Jill Kluesner (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Community Circle of Care

Youth who have experiences in different youth serving systems such as mental health, juvenile justice and child welfare will share their stories of inspiration and hope through art, music and writing.   


Dare to Dream America Application - I’m Cool With Who I Am

Youth ~ Brandon Chambers
Mentor ~ Laura Rariden (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Oregon Family Support Network

I'm Cool With Who I Am - Talks to professionals about stigma and stigma related harassment in order to help raise awareness so that everyone will be able to work to reduce stigma and stigma related harassment. 


Dare to Dream America Application - The Youth Experience

Youth ~ Jonathan Naverette
Mentor ~ Brian Lombrowski (Coordinator)
Organization ~ Staten Island Borough

This award will support a public forum about the youth perspective on out-of-home placement, accessing its function and where it’s lacking when concerning the overall goal of the system of care. 


Dare to Dream America Application - Dare to Dream Goals Workshop

Youth ~ Sarah Inda
Mentor ~ Dorothy Pilla (HRC Specialist)
Organization ~ Community Housing Network

This is 3 session workshop for 25 youth/young adults and those who support them.  The goal of this workshop is to present the possibility of life beyond the diagnosis of mental illness and to empower youth with the motivation and tools to uncover, express and celebrate their individual dreams and goals.  


Dare to Dream America Application - I Am Me

Youth ~ The Revolution
Mentor ~ Brittany Couch
Organization ~ Oklahoma Systems of Care

They want to have a film festival about youth mental health issues and they are going to be focusing on the positive things in their life.  The youth that are involved in our organization are going to have the choice of either video recording or camera shooting their chosen youth that they want follow around (for the project).



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