Rockstar Awards 2020

Welcome to the Rockstar Awards for 2020. Nominations have closed and winners have been chosen. We will honor these amazing youth, adult supporters, and organizations at our 2020 RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition)

The 2020 RAVE will take place on our Twitch Channel on December 10th at 6pm EST. 

Check back after December 10th to see full feature descriptions on each of the Rockstar winners!

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2020 has been a year of finding resiliency and we know that that youth and young adults are resiliency-builders. Despite the challenges we have faced this year, we know that youth all across the nation have found ways to create better communities and a better world. Now is the time to celebrate those accomplishments and celebrate the ways in which they innovate and problem-solve through systems, giving us hope with their voices of experience.


We’ve all had to flex this year in order to build bridges and find new ways to engage youth. Despite these challenges, we have seen the phenomenal work that youth, youth-supporting adults, and organizations are doing in these stressful times, so we want to honor that through our Rockstar Awards.



This is where you come in.


Consider donating to our Rockstar Fundraiser to directly impact and help these youth, supportive adults, and organizations continue to do amazing work in mental health and youth-serving systems!