The Role of Adult Allies in Supporting Youth Programs (Youth Best Practice Committee Roundtable 2017 Coming Soon)
In this session, Youth MOVE National will bring young people and adult partners together for an exploratory conversation around best practices for youth and young adult engagement in systems change work. This session will examine the role of adult allies in supporting youth programs to build capacity to design and implement evaluation processes to ensure quality, sustainable youth programs.

Improving Life Trajectories for Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges: An Exploration of Structures and Processes at State and Local Levels that Foster Sustainability
Sustainability of innovative interventions requires structural changes that build infrastructure to integrate changes at the state and local levels. SAMHSA funding seeds opportunities for communities to develop and expand services and supports for youth, which must be sustained beyond the life of the grant. In this interactive discussion, we will describe findings of qualitative interviews with three jurisdictions that successfully sustained supports for youth of transition age and explore how others can use this experience.

Developing an Assessment of Youth and Young Adult Voice in Organizational Advising and Decision-Making
This session describes a project aimed at developing and validating an assessment of the extent to which youth/young adults are meaningfully involved in advising and decision-making in agencies and organizations like those that participate in Systems of Care. Findings from several phases of the project—including key informant reviews, expert feedback surveys, and a national pilot/validation study—will be described. The project is a collaboration between a youth/young adult advocacy organization and a university research center.

Shaping the Future of Training: Needs and Strategies for Supporting Successful Transitions to Adulthood
In this discussion hour, we invite young adults, transition service providers, trainers, educators, and researchers to examine transition service providers’ training needs to offer evidence supported and culturally responsive services. Following brief overviews of Promoting Positive Pathways to Adulthood, Thresholds Young Adult Best Practices workforce development, Youth MOVE National’s training activities, and the Now Is the Time Technical Assistance Initiative, we will engage participants in a guided discussion of training needs and preferred training strategies and formats.

Children’s Mental Health Initiative National System of Care Expansion Evaluation: Description of Strategies for Expanding Systems of Care (Report Coming Soon)
This presentation offers initial findings from Stakeholder Interviews conducted with system of care grantee program administrators, and youth and family representatives. Analyses focus on identifying the jurisdiction-level strategies used by grantees to meet system of care goals and support service delivery at the local level. Findings indicate that grantees use a broad range of approaches. We will describe the types of strategies used by grantees, report their frequency, and provide examples of innovative approaches.

Engaging Youth and Young Adults as Researchers: Best Practices from Two Case Studies
Engaging young people in research and evaluation is a growing trend among researchers and can both benefit the results of research and evaluation studies and have an impact on the lives of youth and young adult participants. This symposium provides insight into the process and outcomes of engaging youth and young adult as partners in research and evaluation, highlighting successes, challenges, reflections, and best practices from two case studies.

Expanding Youth Voice through a Data-Driven Approach: Analysis of Youth M.O.V.E. Chapter Network
In an effort to expand and sustain the national Youth MOVE practice model, a new, data-driven approach was established to support the network with a strong foundation of quality. Youth and young adults outcome measures that promote sustainability through uniform reporting. This session will explore the national data gathered through Youth MOVE chapter annual reporting and explore program models, organizational partnerships, primary purpose areas, and activities offered program success and areas of expansion for a quality youth-driven MOVEment.

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Our Board of Directors is recruiting a qualified Treasurer to provide oversight of the organization’s finances!
Our Board of Directors is recruiting a qualified Treasurer to provide meaningful oversight of the organization’s finances and bring a financial lens to strategic planning and decision making! Apply here:
YMN Board of Directors is recruiting a qualified Treasurer to provide meaningful oversight of the organization’s finances, and bring a financial lens to strategic planning and decision making.
Yesterday, we (including Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association) asked the audience at the Building Systems of Care meeting to text in the first word that comes to mind when they think about youth and family engagement and this was the result! ✨
We LOVED the Building Systems of Care meeting participants' responses when asked about youth and family voice. ✨
Let's set the record straight.
No, you're not "so OCD" if you want a clean house.
It's Monday, so we can all use these.
Learn 10 simple strategies that you can use to brighten up a bad day.
RT @NCWWI: How to talk to youth about 13 Reasons Why via @YouthMOVE:
When advocating for your own #mentalhealth at work, there are just a few things you should consider. #MOVEItForward
@kaylor_liz Transportation always comes up! It's all about being accessible. 🙌
@IsabelP48609599 For sure, communication is where it begins.
When advocating for your own mental health at work, there are just a few things you should consider. #MOVEItForward
This is just one reason why employers should care about their employees' #mentalhealth. #moveitforward
This is just one reason your employer should care about their employees' mental health. #MOVEItForward
@BrettlerJason This might be the best message to end the chat! #moveitforward
RT @BrettlerJason: @YouthMOVE #MOVEitForward #mentalhealth A7) Encourage them to continue to dream, be forgiving, and for them to be mindfu…
It was lovely talking with you all. If you're in crisis, contact the @CrisisTextLine. Text TWT to 741741. #MOVEItForward
Thanks everyone for the discussion! We certainly learned a lot, and we’re hoping others did too. Till the next chat! #moveitforward
RT @hossoffYMNH: A7) Don't go in defensively; start positive and maybe start small #MOVEItForward
RT @NoWorriesIndyYM: @YouthMOVE @YouthMOVEInd #moveitforward Good supports is great, but if your workplace isn't receptive, having friends,…
Q7: What resources or tips would you point to for youth who want to advocate mental health needs in their workplace…
RT @BrettlerJason: @YouthMOVE #MOVEitForward A5) Compassion, Effective Communication, and Patience.
@NoWorriesIndyYM @YouthMOVEInd For real. Want someone who isn't going to go into the conversation with already made…
RT @NoWorriesIndyYM: @YouthMOVE #moveitForward @YouthMOVEInd Being a good listener and openminded about the situation and without bias.
This is one of the biggest roadblocks in getting proper care! #moveitforward
Q6: What's the next step if you find your workplace isn't receptive to hearing about your mental health needs?…
Mental health accommodations at work don't have the be extravagant. Here are a few you may not have thought of. #MOVEItForward
Happy #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek! This week, we want everyone to #MOVEItForward with us in advocating for mental health in the workplace.
You may have heard 13 Reasons Why was renewed for a second season. But you may not have heard that we developed a resource sheet with quick links to articles that analyze the show, give guidance on how to talk to youth about it, as well as crises resources. You can get that here:
Hannah Baker’s story may be over, but her Netflix drama lives on.
For Awareness Day, we're highlighting projects from Dare to Dream America recipients. From conferences to video campaigns, see how the awardees are using this opportunity to make positive change in their communities! #HeroesOfHope
Clay "buddies" were crafted to represent different mental illnesses to show the vulnerability felt by an individual. "Buddies" were created for depression, anxiety and ADHD and depicted on t-shirts. P
"About six months ago, Patrick Ross knew things had reached a breaking point at work. An angry email he had sent to a superior — combined with occasional temper flare-ups and brusque interactions with colleagues — was endangering his job of two years as deputy director of communication at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So before a scheduled meeting with his boss about these problems, Mr. Ross decided he needed to reveal something he had not told anyone outside his immediate family: He has bipolar disorder." #MOVEItForward
Telling an employer or supervisor about a mental disability carries potential risks and benefits, so it merits careful consideration.
The current health care bill up for a vote today could strip away mental health and substance abuse coverage from 24 million Americans. Contact your representatives right NOW.
Today is the day! Watch the National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day live webcast and tweet along with us on Twitter ( at 7pm ET tonight! You can register for the event before tonight here:
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) presentsThe National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2017 Live Webcast“Partnering for Help and Hope"Watch Awareness Da
We support the impact that creativity and art plays in youth mental health. We are thrilled to share this art collection that celebrates every youth being a work of art. #IAmaWorkofArt #HeroesofHope
For the next couple weeks, as part of our #MOVEItForward campaign, we'll be sharing some tips and opinions from our network on advocating for mental health at the workplace. To start, have you ever wondered what types of mental health accommodations you're entitled to at work?
A mental health condition shouldn't be a barrier to having and keeping a job. Discover what accommodations you can ask for and how to ask for them.
NEXT WEEK is SAMHSA’s National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day webcast. This year’s theme is focused on the importance of addressing physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs when providing services and supports for children, youth, and young adults. Tune in on May 4 at 7 p.m. EDT and share your questions and comments using the hashtag #HeroesofHope.
‪If you're in need of immediate support after watching 13 Reasons Why, text 741741 or visit
The premise is at odds with how experts say we should talk about the issue.
Do you have experience in foster care? We'll give you $50 for participating in our new focus group. Email Kristin to see if you're eligible right now at
Advocating for others isn't always easy, but these 7 tips might help.
Above all I’ve learned that if you are a person with numerous simultaneous mental disorders, your needs are likely to be different and more intensive than the needs of others. I’m here to tell you