The Board of Directors

Rowan Willis-Powell



Rowan Willis-Powell is a young queer woman who is a passionate and invested
advocate for youth with service system involvement, with special interests
in young adult peers, the LGBTQ community and ensuring that everyone
receives appropriate care when they are experiencing suicidal ideation.
Rowan is the Transitional Age Youth Outreach Project Supervisor and
Training Specialist at On Our Own of Maryland. In this position she
connects and mentors’ young adults with lived experience in behavioral
health service settings to peer support and leadership opportunities on
community, state, and national levels.

Rowan struggled and overcame several behavioral health challenges and
traumatic events, as a young adult she had extensive personal experience
with the mental health system that she freely draws from in her work with
other young adults. She began her career helping to run her local Youth
M.O.V.E. chapter, and started an LGBTQ specific meeting after noticicing a
need for it in her community. In her work she strives to create an
environment in which young adults are partners in change for policy that
affect service systems. Rowan is the creator and facilitator of numerous
workshops, such as Introduction to LGBTQ Youth, Supporting Authentic Youth
Engagement and Supporting Diverse Communities: Survivors of Sexual

Maxwell LaBrie Board Photo

Maxxwell LaBrie

Vice President

Pronouns: They/Their

Maxxwell LaBrie is a young adult whose lived experience and passion for advocacy drives their work in the peer support field. 


As a trans and queer person, Maxxwell has a strong passion for LGBTQ rights and education, and often trains folks on this topic. They have faced adversity in school, in services, in the community and at home, and strive to create welcoming spaces for folks of all sexualities and genders to come and be themselves. 


Other passions Maxxwell has are sexual assault prevention, bullying reduction, and creating open and validating spaces to discuss suicide and other topics that others may consider off limits. As someone who has felt silenced by the fear of being judged or being hospitalized, Maxxwell strives to make folks feel heard and safe, even in uncomfortable conversations. 


Maxxwell has been a member at Youth MOVE Massachusetts since the summer of 2015, and became a chapter lead in May of 2017. Their work at Youth MOVE Mass includes facilitating trainings (such as Strategic Sharing, LGBTQ+ 101, and Box Up The Stress: An Interactive Crisis Box Workshop), developing trainings for providers, youth, young adults and families, providing one on one peer support, facilitating the Speakers Bureau, and attending committee meetings across the state to improve services for young adults and to inform policy. 


Maxxwell is very creative in their spare time. They love to knit, crochet, sing, and write poetry and essays. They have been published multiple times on various blogs and in magazines (including Youth MOVE National’s blog!) and they are currently compiling a book of poetry they hope to publish. They also have 5 animals (four cats and one dog) who brighten their day with adorable antics (and cuddles)!

David M Board Photo

David McClung


Pronouns: He/Him

David McClung is a nationally recognized expert in youth engagement, youth participatory action research, and collaborative partnerships between faith communities and mental health professionals David holds a decade of experience in youth mental health, which also includes experience work-related juvenile justice, residential care, child relinquishment, community organizations, and higher education. He is currently the Vice President of Youth M.O.V.E National and recently completed a Ph.D. in Social Work from Baylor University, where his research has focused on the mental health literacy of faith leaders in Texas.

“Youth MOVE National is a national organization committed to leading the way for authentic youth and young adult voice. Youth MOVE has it all – from the technical assistance, to the connections that are made with people around the country, to the growing emphasis on research and evaluation – Youth MOVE National is a strong and consistent presence for youth and young adult voice to be heard.”

Kippi Board Photo

Kippi Clausen

Pronouns: She/Her

Kippi has been involved in youth voice and engagement for over 25 years. She was the program director for National Youth POWER and supported states in implementing youth voice and leadership efforts. Kippi is an Associate and Vice President of Operations for the Permanency and Transition Highway (PATH) for the Downs Group, LLC. She has been actively involved in leading system transformation involving Judges, Guardian at Litems, youth corrections, schools and behavioral health to name a few. Among her accomplishments, Kippi led a national youth development program which engaged over 500,000 youth across the United States; provided the leadership for the development and design of the largest foster youth savings program in the United States; and consulted with and coached business leaders, non profits, agencies from various systems and state organizations on cross-system collaboration. She recognizes the crucial need for permanency for all foster youth and why building social capital for children in every community is essential. Kippi is most recognized for her work to integrate youth guided principles at all levels of practice. In recent years her work has included involving young people in policy, peer lead training for professionals and bringing business leaders to the table to take an active role in coaching and mentoring youth.

The work she is most proud of is her work to help increase youth voice and to integrate youth guided – youth voice principles at all levels of practice. She is now involved with efforts that focus on policy development, peer lead training for youth and professionals and bringing public systems and business leaders to the table to take an active role in coaching and mentoring to youth.

Victoria Cantwell

Victoria Cantwell is a young woman with lived experience in child welfare and juvenile justice systems and is driven to advocate and support youth voice and choice initiatives. While facing adversity in child welfare and juvenile justice systems, she was inspired to pursue youth-driven incentives that make youth voice paramount and view youth as partners to collaborate for long-term systemic change. Based on her passion for youth advocacy and policy work, she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration in hopes to continue advocating for systemic and political change. Areas that she is particularly invested in concern youth peer support, youth transitioning or “aging out” of child welfare systems, and transitional living programs for youth and young adults.

Victoria has been a member of the Youth MOVE New Mexico Chapter since 2015 and has been an executive leadership member since 2018. Her work with the Youth MOVE New Mexico chapter includes actively advocating for policy change initiatives for youth’s rights annually during New Mexico’s Legislature, attending Wraparound National Conferences, and conducting Youth Engagement Trainings for child welfare workers and other state personnel. Other advocacy work includes annual Youth Summits/Retreats, youth peer support initiatives, and collaborating with youth program providers.

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys long-distance running, hiking, reading, cooking with her boyfriend (who is an amazing chef at a local restaurant here in New Mexico), and spending time drinking coffee or tea while cuddling with her fur baby, Chrissy, who is a 22-year-old calico cat!

Haley Rizkallah


Haley Rizkallah is the Program Coordinator at Maryland Coalition of Families, an organization that works with caregivers and other loved ones to help them access needed support and services for their families. In 2019, she joined MCF as the Senior Youth Engagement Specialist, and was a founding member of their local Youth MOVE chapter. She graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland in 2015 with degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Haley has worked at several residential treatment centers and passionately advocates for positive changes in all youth-serving systems. She also uses her lived experience with behavioral health challenges to support and empower her peers. Haley enjoys windsurfing, laying in her hammock, classic movies, and growing her record collection.

Brittany O'Neal


My name is Brittany O’Neal and I am an Atlanta, Georgia native. Professionally, I am a speaker, facilitator, mentor, and a college student pursuing my degree in social work. I am a president in a local Youth MOVE chapter in Georgia. I am a certified peer specialist-youth that assists my peers in their mental health challenges through lived experiences. My self-care consists of drawing, painting, songwriting, and spending time at the salon. I love the colors purple and green. I am excited to be a part of the team, by bringing my creativity skills to the Board of Directors!

Robert Penfold

Pronouns: He/Him/His

I do research designed to improve real-world mental health care for young people. I believe that incorporating the lived experience of young people into the design and conduct of research is critical. Only by listening to young people can we design and offer mental health services that address their needs.

I am a health services researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, Washington. My work focuses on developing and testing strategies to optimize behavioral health care delivery and patient outcomes—particularly in children and teens. My research addresses practical issues, such as how to reduce unnecessary use of antipsychotic medications. I also study ways to identify people experiencing suicidal thoughts and programs to reduce suicide attempts.

I am a co-investigator in the Mental Health Research Network (MHRN), a resource for studies on mental health conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to autism and psychosis. I lead the MHRN’s child and adolescent scientific interest group.

Javid Javadi

Javid Javadi is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Cellular and Developmental Biology at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). He has recently joined the Youth MOVE National Board of Directors team in the first few months of 2021. He is very passionate about the non-profit sector and has been a part of many non-profit organizations, from aiming to reduce global poverty, to tutoring high school students. He is also extremely passionate about empowering youth voices as he believes that the youth of today will have the biggest impact on the world tomorrow. As someone who sometimes feels his words and thoughts are undervalued due to his age, Javid wants youth all over the country to not feel burdened by the world’s perception. A quote that extremely motivates and inspires him is “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” In his free time, Javid tends to listen to music, play soccer, and go for a walk outside in nature in order to de-stress.

Daven Borders

Starting my mental health advocacy journey in the pharmaceutical industry I quickly realized there were many ways to mental wellness that could be used along with medication. As the President of Youth MOVE Pinellas, I helped Youth realize that little things we don’t think about like a good night’s rest, or a nap could restore our bodies and make us feel better mentally. As the conduit for change, I pushed back against grind culture in today’s youth, and at each meeting we did things to promote personal well-being that included, sleep, art therapy, mindfulness exercises, socialization and the importance of having friends. I currently work in community health and promote the significance of having an active lifestyle and the benefits it has on not only your physical health but mental health as well. I have previously served on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance of Mental illness (NAMI), Heading youth outreach. I am a foodie who runs a food blog and I believe there is a connection between food and mood! I eat all things in moderation.

John Dellick

John Dellick

John Dellick is a young man who is passionate about helping other youth lead healthy lives. He has experience in many youth serving systems. He is currently a student at Cleveland State University studying Business Administration. John is on the YouthMOVE Ohio State Council. He also started a local YouthMOVE Chapter in his hometown. John sits on the Ohio Interagency Council on Youth Steering Committee. He enjoys developing programs aimed at at-risk youth. John has a background in peer support and mentoring. One of John’s favorite quotes is by Frank Warren, “it’s the children almost broken by the world that grow up to save it.”

Morgan Humberger

Morgan Humberger is the Collegiate Recovery Coordinator for the University of California San Diego. Morgan served as the treasurer of the Texas Youth MOVE chapter, ACCEPT Texas, and founded the Peer Ally Coalition at Baylor University’s Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center. With a passion for advocacy work, Morgan is pursuing a Master’s in Social Work with a specialization in Community and Administrative Practice from the University of Texas at Arlington. Morgan is most passionate about areas such as adolescent substance use treatment, collegiate recovery, youth recovery peer support, and transition age youth mental health. In their free time, Morgan enjoys gardening, hiking with her dog, and exploring local restaurants.

Jo Skinner-Grant

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Jo Skinner-Grant is a lifelong advocate for youth. When she was 8 years old, she worked with teachers and faculty to empower other students with learning disabilities. This passion for advocacy continued ever since. Jo has helped build the mentorship program, Boosting Bravery in 2020. The following year, she Co-Founded Reed College’s first Collegiate Recovery Program in order to help other students with Substance Use Disorders. She is excited to serve on the Board of Directors for Youth MOVE National because of the organizations focus on youth mental health and peer support. In her spare time, Jo enjoys hiking, dancing, and painting.

Astraea Augsberger

Pronouns: She/Her

Astraea Augsberger is an assistant professor in the Clinical Practice Department at Boston University School of Social Work. She is passionate about elevating the voices of youth and young adults in practice, program and policy decision making. As such, her research program examines multi-level factors that inhibit and/or facilitate a person’s ability to participate in decision making within multiple institutions including child welfare, health care, education, and government. She employs in-depth qualitative research, community engaged research and youth participatory action research methods to center the voices and experiences of youth and communities. Astraea’s research has been shaped by her professional social work experience. Prior to working at Boston University, she was a forensic social worker and supervisor at the Juvenile Rights Practice of the Legal Aid Society in New York City Family Court and directed global mental health programs for young adults residing at International House, New York.  In her free time, Astraea enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her children.

Felicity Krueger

Pronouns: She/Her

Felicity Therese Krueger is a 19 year old youth leader. She is a member of Kentucky Youth MOVE, Youth MOVE board member and is a Kentucky youth ambassador. She has worked in the advocacy realm since she was 11 years old, starting with following her mom to the capital and is currently working on several projects to better help youth struggling with mental health or are in the foster care/adoption system. She spends her summers working as a camp counselor. Her passion is working to educate young people in leadership and empowerment.