MOVE It Forward 2021: Reflect | Connect

MOVE It Forward

Youth MOVE National’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign “MOVE It Forward” is the slogan for much deeper work—uniting individual youth from Youth MOVE Chapters across the country in crafting and presenting a message, a demand for change. Each year the most pressing issue for our network may change, but Youth MOVE will still be here to MOVE It Forward.

2021 Theme:
Reflect | Connect

2020 was a year that tested our ability to connect with the world around us and ourselves. We learned new ways to adapt for self-care, do professional work, engage in education, and meet our physical, mental, and emotional needs. Reflect | Connect is about taking what we learned and sharing it; reflections on how we engaged in self-care, reflections on how we able to adapt to changes in school or work, and reflections about the culture and world around us. 

For Children’s Mental Health Awareness 2021, Youth MOVE National will be focusing on ways to reflect & connect to the mission and purpose of youth voice in mental health systems. Join us as we share challenges, events, and resources to engage partners, Youth MOVE Chapters, and the mental health network!

Join Us for a Live Twitter Chat!

The Importance of Youth Voice
May 4th @ 3pm EST on

In partnership with The National Training & Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) , we will be co-hosting a Twitter chat with several close partners to discuss the importance of youth voice. We will be reflecting on how we’ve been able to stay connected to our network over the last year and thinking about ways to expand and enhance youth voice in your organizations. 


IDentity: A Storytelling Advocacy Project

Back in 2013, the members of Youth MOVE Maine created a project they titled IDentity. The project focus was to look at the lives and experiences of young people in the local community. Coordinators worked with a variety of youth-serving systems, including juvenile justice, mental health services, case management, homeless services, and others to use photography and written word to create a website and magazine to share with stakeholders across the state. Check it out here

We want to share this project with YOU by providing you with all the instructions necessary to complete this project in your community. We know that many Chapters are looking for CMHA projects, and the success of this project is a way to both reflect and connect on the lives of youth in your community. IDentity is a series of workshops that can be hosted both in-person or virtually. 

10-Day Youth Engagement Challenge

An important part of connection in 2021 is sharing resources with our network. Over the last year, the number of guides, toolkits, webinars, and other resources grew as organizations tried to find ways to engage with their network. Our 10-Day Youth Challenge is a unique way for us to share some of the best resources we’ve come across with all of you. The challenge is an opt-in special where you will receive a daily email with a 2-minute, 5-minute, and 10-minute challenge (depending on how much time you have each day) related to expanding knowledge about youth engagement, exploring a topic related to youth-serving systems that may be new, or a way to expose yourself to a new networking partner. We are offering this challenge, in partnership, with The National Training & Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC).

Chapter Fundraising Project:

Win up to $500 for your chapter! An important part of Reflect | Connect is sharing what the Youth MOVE Chapter network is doing. We want to use REConnection as an opportunity for you to create something that you can market in your local community and maybe get a few extra dollars! We are asking for video submissions talking about your chapter! Once submitted, you will upload your video to YouTube and share it wherever you can. Not only will this be a way to share some of the interesting things you are doing, but you might be able to make some money as well! 

Please check in the CHMA toolkit for full submission criteria

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