MOVE It Forward 2022:
Pieces of Me

MOVE It Forward

Youth MOVE National’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign “MOVE It Forward” is the slogan for much deeper work—uniting individual youth from Youth MOVE Chapters across the country in crafting and presenting a message, a demand for change. Each year the most pressing issue for our network may change, but Youth MOVE will still be here to MOVE It Forward.

The Importance of Identity

This year, all of the projects and events focus on who we are and how our identity and personal characteristics are important factors in taking care of our mental health. These components of our humanity are important to consider when we engage in services, programs, and other parts of our community. This is so important because parts of our identity can be why we do not receive proper care. Disparities for disenfranchised and minority groups are commonplace for many, which requires systems transformation to increase access for people who have traditionally been limited or denied the opportunity for equitable care. 

Celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness

No matter what your plan is for CMHA Day, we challenge you to post something on your website or social media about your project. If you are looking to get youth together to submit to Intersectional Stories or join us in celebrating our series on intersectional portraits, use this day to start marketing your projects! On May 5th, share a message online that will be part of your larger campaign. If you have established an idea, make it bigger! Make a flyer, share a graphic, or share a video of your group chatting about the idea. Be sure to @YouthMOVENational and tag us on social media platforms! #PiecesOfMe #CMHA2022 #MoveItForward. 

2022 Toolkit:
Pieces of Me

Over the last year, Youth MOVE National has had the opportunity to put forth projects under the umbrella of the Youth MOVE Change Initiative (YMCI), a space created to enhance the peer workforce for BIPOC & LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. Our focus for this year’s CMHA / MIF is centered around intersectional perspectives as they relate to our personal identity and youth-serving systems using some of the platforms that the YMCI has created.

Nationwide Project:
Intersectional Stories

Since our theme this year focuses on parts of our identity that should be promoted and uplifted, we want to share our stories of how our individual identities (race, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, and more) intersect with our mental health. In an effort to highlight our stories and how mental health systems can work for us, we want to share those experiences & resources in a wall of stories. 

We have a public Padlet board with some open-ended prompts where you can share drawings, writing/poetry, audio samples, images, video, links, and more! The term “story” is loosely defined – we want to find ways to celebrate you and talk about mental health! This flexible space allows you to share whatever answer each question for you! Want to share a song from spotify or upload an original podcast? We have space and want you to share Pieces of You with the world! We only ask that you share a little about how/why you are sharing a specific piece of media (whether it is a personal creation or an inspirational share).


The three primary topics for this project will be:

– How does mental health and your identity relate to each other? 
– What does the future of mental health need?
– What do you want the world to know about you?

Additionally, we have left space for you all to share resources that you believe can help others!

For more info on how to use Padlet, see the MOVE It Forward Toolkit!

Intersectional Portraits

Throughout the month of May, check our Intersectional Perspectives Portrait project for features of youth voices talking about identity and mental health! 

Event: Creating Intersectional Stories

April 28th, 2022 @ 5pm – 6:30pm ET

Sharing our stories, especially when it relates to our identity, can be a difficult task. Historically, for some, their identity has been a source of discrimination. As we work to turn the tide of mental health to become more diverse and inclusive in an effort to celebrate and incorporate identity as part of services & community health, we know the importance of sharing and elevating youth voices of lived experience.  On April 21st, we will be hosting a workshop to talk about strategies to share our stories for advocacy. We will spend some time in discussion, and then we will have an opportunity to workshop for the Intersectional Stories project listed on the previous page of this toolkit! Our goal is to share insight and strategy as well as create a space to have a conversation about identity and mental health.