The Role of Adult Allies in Supporting Youth Programs (Youth Best Practice Committee Roundtable 2017 Coming Soon)
In this session, Youth MOVE National will bring young people and adult partners together for an exploratory conversation around best practices for youth and young adult engagement in systems change work. This session will examine the role of adult allies in supporting youth programs to build capacity to design and implement evaluation processes to ensure quality, sustainable youth programs.

Improving Life Trajectories for Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges: An Exploration of Structures and Processes at State and Local Levels that Foster Sustainability
Sustainability of innovative interventions requires structural changes that build infrastructure to integrate changes at the state and local levels. SAMHSA funding seeds opportunities for communities to develop and expand services and supports for youth, which must be sustained beyond the life of the grant. In this interactive discussion, we will describe findings of qualitative interviews with three jurisdictions that successfully sustained supports for youth of transition age and explore how others can use this experience.

Developing an Assessment of Youth and Young Adult Voice in Organizational Advising and Decision-Making
This session describes a project aimed at developing and validating an assessment of the extent to which youth/young adults are meaningfully involved in advising and decision-making in agencies and organizations like those that participate in Systems of Care. Findings from several phases of the project—including key informant reviews, expert feedback surveys, and a national pilot/validation study—will be described. The project is a collaboration between a youth/young adult advocacy organization and a university research center.

Shaping the Future of Training: Needs and Strategies for Supporting Successful Transitions to Adulthood
In this discussion hour, we invite young adults, transition service providers, trainers, educators, and researchers to examine transition service providers’ training needs to offer evidence supported and culturally responsive services. Following brief overviews of Promoting Positive Pathways to Adulthood, Thresholds Young Adult Best Practices workforce development, Youth MOVE National’s training activities, and the Now Is the Time Technical Assistance Initiative, we will engage participants in a guided discussion of training needs and preferred training strategies and formats.

Children’s Mental Health Initiative National System of Care Expansion Evaluation: Description of Strategies for Expanding Systems of Care (Report Coming Soon)
This presentation offers initial findings from Stakeholder Interviews conducted with system of care grantee program administrators, and youth and family representatives. Analyses focus on identifying the jurisdiction-level strategies used by grantees to meet system of care goals and support service delivery at the local level. Findings indicate that grantees use a broad range of approaches. We will describe the types of strategies used by grantees, report their frequency, and provide examples of innovative approaches.

Engaging Youth and Young Adults as Researchers: Best Practices from Two Case Studies
Engaging young people in research and evaluation is a growing trend among researchers and can both benefit the results of research and evaluation studies and have an impact on the lives of youth and young adult participants. This symposium provides insight into the process and outcomes of engaging youth and young adult as partners in research and evaluation, highlighting successes, challenges, reflections, and best practices from two case studies.

Expanding Youth Voice through a Data-Driven Approach: Analysis of Youth M.O.V.E. Chapter Network
In an effort to expand and sustain the national Youth MOVE practice model, a new, data-driven approach was established to support the network with a strong foundation of quality. Youth and young adults outcome measures that promote sustainability through uniform reporting. This session will explore the national data gathered through Youth MOVE chapter annual reporting and explore program models, organizational partnerships, primary purpose areas, and activities offered program success and areas of expansion for a quality youth-driven MOVEment.

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In two weeks: don't miss this webinar opportunity! Presented by Peter Gamache, Ph.D. we'll cover the topic of working with youth and young adults in the LGBTQI2-S community. Register now before Thurs. Oct. 26 at 3:30 p.m. ET.
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Webinar alert! Working with LGBTQI2-S Youth. Thurs. Oct. 26 at 3:30 p.m. ET. Register now: #lgbt
Did you know it's #LGBT History Month? And today is National Coming Out Day! Youth MOVE stands with LGBTQI2-S youth…
Did you know October is #LGBT History Month? And today is National Coming Out Day. Youth MOVE stands with LGBTQI2-S youth—always.
#WorldMentalHealthDay focuses on mental health in the workplace. If you’re advocating at work, here are some things…
Starting school later can help youth get enough sleep, improve their health, academic performance, & quality of lif…
This year’s #WorldMentalHealthDay focuses on mental health in the workplace. If you’ve thought about advocating a new mental health policy at work, here are a few things you should consider. 🙌
Advocating for your mental health in the workplace? Here are some accommodations you might not have thought about.…
What do you think? 😴
Learn how later school start times may help adolescents get enough sleep.
Advocating for your mental health during today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay? Here are a few accommodations you might not have thought of.
Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay! This year’s theme is mental health in the workplace. Seems we were ahead of the curve for #MOVEItForward 2017. 😉
Today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay focuses on MH in the workplace. Seems we were ahead of the curve for #MOVEItForward!
RT @TwitterMoments: This year's #WorldMentalHealthDay focuses on mental health in the workplace.
Fewer youth incarcerated… but advocates are slow to completely praise the numbers
"The Sentencing Project released a fact sheet analyzing the Justice Department data since the start of the century. In 2001, Black youth were four times more likely to be incarcerated than White youth. But in 2015, Black youth were five times more likely than White youth to be incarcerated."
In 2015, black youths were five times more likely than white youths to be incarcerated — the widest disparity since the start of the century. But advocates say crime rates are not to blame.
RT @NAMICommunicate: It's Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW)! So, what does it mean to have OCD? Let's bust some myths... Learn more: h…
This weekend is your final chance to submit a nomination for the RockStar Awards. Don't miss your chance to recognize a youth voice champion!
The RockStar Awards recognizes organizations/individuals who have made an outstanding contribution toward improving the lives of youth and improving youth-serving systems (like mental health, juvenile
This weekend is your final chance to submit a nomination for the RockStar Awards! Recognize a #youthvoice champion!…
On #NationalVoterRegistrationDay take 2 minutes to update your voter registration with Rock the Vote! Don't let a deadline silence you.
You can't vote unless you register. Register to vote using our quick and easy online voter registration tool.
Imagine that. 🤔
My experiences as a mental health service user helped me to set up and run a suicide crisis centre
On #NationalVoterRegistrationDay take 2 min & update your voter reg w @RockTheVote! Don't let a deadline silence yo…
Addressing the needs of people caring for children, youth, and young adults with mental health issues: Watch #KSOCTV LIVE on 9/28 at 2 p.m. EDT
In “Current Issues in Family-Driven Care: Caregiver Stress,” KSOC-TV will explore the stress caregivers can experience as they support their children, youth, and young adults with behavioral healt
Are you an #LGBTQ teen between the ages of 13-17? HRC & @UConn want to hear from you! 🙋 🙋‍♂️
Youth MOVE… International? Madeline, Joshua, and Youth MOVE Indiana have landed in Dublin, Ireland for the International Association on Youth Mental Health ( conference! ☘️
Know someone doing great work w/ youth? Now's your chance to recognize them! Nominate for the RockStar Awards today…
RT @CtrSchoolMH: We want youth leaders who care about mental health to join us for a Leadership Day. RT to spread the word! Details: https:…
RT @NAMICommunicate: New bill, still bad for mental health. #Act4MentalHealth and tell Congress to vote NO on #GrahamCassidy:…
Youth MOVErs, another bill is dangerously close to repealing the Affordable Care Act. The time to act is NOW. Contact your representatives today.
RT @volunTEENnation: Nominate individuals that are improving lives of youth in the Juvenile Justice System and/or MentalHealth @YouthMove h…
RT @MAFpajarito: We're excited to announce that we can now offer #Dreamers FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to pay for #DACA renewal. Apply today! : https…
BONUS! We asked @ListenLucy's Jordan for one last benefit to sharing your story as a means of advocacy. We couldn't…
BONUS! We asked Jordan of Listen, Lucy for one last reason why sharing your story is beneficial to her overall wellness. The answer: a sense of community and connecting with people who’ve had similar experiences. And we agree!
Good news! The deadline to submit nominations for the RockStar Awards has been extended until Oct. 1. Nominate now:…
Good news: the deadline to submit nominations for the RockStar Awards has been extended until Sunday, October 1, 2017! Nominate today:
The RockStar Awards recognizes individuals and organizations who have made an outstanding contribution toward the advancement of youth and youth-serving systems.
Why share your story? Reason #5 of 5: Finding your purpose. If you’re a youth advocate looking to use your personal story as a way to advocate, you can learn more and find resources at and Listen, Lucy #wellnessweek
Perhaps the most impacting reason to share your lived experience story? You learn a great deal about yourself. #wellnessweek Listen, Lucy
You might not think it, but sharing your story can improve your physical wellness. Reason #3 of 5 on why to use storytelling as a means of advocacy. #wellnessweek Listen, Lucy
When sharing your story, there are potential negative consequences on your environmental wellness to consider, but ultimately Listen, Lucy's Jordan Corcoran found she gained a support system that was understanding. #wellnessweek