Help Us Amplify Youth Voice!

We need to turn up the volume now more than ever...

We envision a future in which young people are valued as empowered leaders, advocates, and designers of communities that are built for all youth to thrive. However, it’s been harder and harder to envision that future based on what youth are experiencing NOW.

It is clear that not ALL youth are thriving, especially our BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, and disabled youth who have already been intentionally and unintentionally pushed to the margins. Youth are struggling with access to stable housing, access to food, gun violence, the carceral system, and a rollback of representation and evidence-based education surrounding Critical Race Theory and 2SLGBTQIA+ history, amongst other things. The ACLU is tracking around 500 anti-queer and trans youth legislation, and these bills are passing and are being enforced.

Voices from the Youth MOVEment!

Your gift to Youth MOVE National goes directly towards youth advocacy and fighting for the future and the NOW that youth demand and deserve.

$25 — Helps build the capacity for our Chapter network to be connected to each other.

$50 — Helps increase awareness of the need for authentic youth voice and lived experience on both a local and national level.

$100 Helps us connect youth deeper through virtual and in-person events.

$250 — Helps sponsor youth travel, stipends, and leadership opportunities.

$500 — Helps train youth free of charge on youth peer support and assists with workforce placement.

$1,000+ —  Helps ensure Youth MOVE National continues youth advocacy for future generations to come.