Advocate & Share Your Voice

Imagine a world transformed by the voices of today’s young adults.
It starts here—with you.

Share your voice.

We’ve got tons of resources for you on how to share your voice safely and effectively. Browse our resource library for any information you might need.

Join a chapter.

There are more than 60 Youth MOVE chapters all across the U.S. Chances are there’s a chapter in your city or state. Search now to join a local group of young adult advocates using their voices to transform youth-serving systems. Or join to hang out with a group of likeminded people—no pressure.

Start a chapter.

Looking to rouse young adults in your community to action? Look no further. If there are no Youth MOVE chapters in your community: start one. You’ll begin an advocacy journey with a national team supporting you along the way. Connect young adults in your community to a national movement.