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National Leadership Team

Johanna Bergan Headshot

Johanna Bergan

Executive Director

Pronouns: She/Her

Johanna leads and guides Youth MOVE National’s work to ensure all young adults in youth-serving systems are seen as leaders. As a young mother, she saw the need for positive systems change and was one of the many young adults on the frontlines of Youth MOVE National’s founding. She believes strongly that change stems from dialogue between individuals with lived experience. You wouldn’t believe this about Johanna, but she’s an introvert. She can be seen frequently recommending niche podcasts to unsuspecting individuals.

Jasmine Boatwright Headshot

Jasmine Boatwright

Youth Program Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her

Jasmine became interested in youth and family voice once she noticed the limited power young adults have in decision-making. She began sharing her and her family’s experiences in the mental health system in order to advocate for youth. Prior to joining Youth MOVE National, her advocacy led her to become the director of Youth MOVE Michigan, supporting Youth MOVE Detroit, and providing technical assistance to local systems of care and tribal youth groups. When she’s off the clock, Jasmine moonlights as a local entertainment promoter and can put together a playlist of good music you haven’t heard before. One of her favorite movies is the Transformers series because Bumblebee reminds her of her first car she named John Shaft.

Lydia Proulx Headshot

Lydia Proulx

Youth Program Specialist

Pronouns: They/Them

Lydia’s own lived experience with mental health, school, and youth leadership drives their dedication to authentic youth engagement, advocacy, and education. They’re excited about improving the service delivery model for LGBTQIA2-S youth on a national scale. As the former youth program manager at Youth MOVE Massachusetts and Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PPAL), they led the development of youth peer support groups, youth trainings and speaking engagements, and the internship program. In their spare time, Lydia volunteers on a local farm for hunger relief and teaches comprehensive sexual health education to youth and young adults. Plus, they love antiquing on the weekends.

Kirstin Thorp Headshot

Kristin Thorp

Youth Program Director

Pronouns: She/Her

A bit of a jack-of-all trades at Youth MOVE National, Kristin is the Youth Program Director. She supports the implementation of national evaluation of Children’s Mental Health Initiatives, provides technical assistance to the behavioral health field, facilitates engaging youth in research and evaluation projects, and works with the National Leadership Team to develop technical assistance products. In her previous role as the Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator at THRIVE, Maine’s Trauma-informed System of Care, Kristin offered technical assistance, training, and consultation to government agencies, providers, and communities on incorporating and embedding trauma-informed principles and practices. Capitalizing on prior experience working for Youth MOVE Maine, she advocated for and incorporated youth voice into all elements of system change, understanding that the well-being of young people hinges on their participation across all levels of program development and enhancement. She is a strong believer in working with youth as equal partners and pushing for policies and services that will improve the lives of young people. Self-appointed Queen of Slack, Kristin makes sure the #watercooler channel always stays lively and interesting.

Alice Topaloff Headshot

Alice Topaloff

Operations Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her

Alice is the master of ensuring everyone’s work at Youth MOVE National actually gets done—and in an organized fashion. A native of France, she moved to Iowa to study food and agriculture and later led a gardening program at a women’s prison. But it was a Mental Health First Aid training that got her interested in systems-change advocacy. If Alice’s “away” status is turned on the office instant messenger, it probably means she went for a run. The one thing Alice needs to do in the morning is spend time with her dogs. When Alice isn’t running the office, she’s an indoor cycling instructor.

M Zielinski Headshot

Madeline Zielinski

Youth Program Specialist

Pronouns: She/They

Madeline has a huge passion for Pearl Jam, eggs benedict, and youth advocacy. She got her start in youth advocacy attending Indiana Youth Group, an LGBTQ+ drop-in center. This sparked her passion to destigmatize LGBTQ issues and educate on its intersectionality with mental wellness. Prior to Youth MOVE National she was the state coordinator for Youth MOVE Indiana and served as a representative on the IN-Suicide Prevention Network Advisory Council, the State LGBTQ+ board, the Commission on Improving the Status of Children, and the Vice-Chair of the Indiana Systems of Care Youth and Family Subcommittee. She holds the record of sharing the most memes in our office instant messenger. Madeline considers dancing onstage with Snoop Dogg to be her greatest achievement to date. She also loves spending time with her two god babies, one of which is named Madeline! Follow her on Snapchat: @MadelineYMN.