Our Work & Our Projects

Here’s a bit of the work that Youth MOVE National is doing. Click on the name of any of these ventures to learn more about them.

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There are more than 50 Youth MOVE chapters all across the U.S. and each one is focusing on the individual needs of their own community. With our network, we have a finger on the pulse of youth needs nationwide as well as the ability to tap into local trends.

The Rockstar Awards is our recognition program dedicated toward highlighting individuals and organizations improving youth-serving systems and the lives of youth.

Our Leadership Academy gives youth the skills needed to make change in their communities and the systems that serve them. We do it by leveraging every youth’s lived experience as an asset to make change happen.

Our policy initiative that leads youth through a series of questions on what helps them achieve success and what is harmful in their life.

The YBPC supports young leaders and systems around the nation with understanding the value of youth voice in systems change work.

Half of Youth MOVE chapters offer some type of peer support, the development of a “peer” relationship between two individuals with lived experience, a service Youth MOVErs identify as a necessity for positive impact in their communities.

Would you like to know how well your agency is doing at incorporating youth and young adult voice in agency-level practices and decision making? Start the Assessment of Youth/Young Adult Voice at the Agency Level (Y-VAL) now.

MOVE It Forward is our annual campaign for Children’s Mental Health Awareness month that takes place in May. See our past projects and learn about how to get involved each year.

The Youth MOVE Change Initiative is a program designed to enhance and expand the peer workforce. With a specific intention to work in the field of mental health to address the unique needs of youth of color and LGBTQ+ youth. 

#Things2Consider are quick resource guides written by Youth MOVE staff and network partners to provide information an a variety of topics related to engaging youth and young adults in programs and ways to evaluate and approach youth programming.

The Dare to Dream America program provides an opportunity for youth between 13–25 to receive funds up to $2,500 to implement successful mental health programs.