Our Youth Network is 55 Chapters Strong & Growing!

The Youth MOVEment

At Youth MOVE National we rely heavily on local chapters to be our eyes and ears at the community level as we work on fulfilling Youth MOVE’s mission and vision. We live in a vast, widespread, and diverse country. In order to reach people and make positive changes in local communities, we depend on our large collection of chapters to support and carry on that work! Our chapters range from statewide to regional to local to tribal and within these chapters amazing and important youth leadership, programming and advocacy is happening at every level.


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Chapter Of The Year

We have such amazing chapters in the Youth MOVE network! With over 50 chapters across the nation, Youth MOVErs get a lot done, which is why we are so excited to highlight the 2022 Rockstar winner for Chapter of the Year: Youth MOVE PA!

Congratulations to Youth MOVE PA for being awarded Chapter of the Year of 2022 – Keep up the amazing work you’re doing! 

Youth MOVE PA started Wellness Days in 2021 with the intention of bringing youth and young adults together by getting outside and participating in a fun-filled day. Wellness Days are hosted in multiple regions throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where youth, young adults, and support people come to a local or state park to participate in an educational workshop as well as different leadership and teamwork games, advocacy interviews, and activities just for fun. Everything is free for attendees including food, shirts, and swag! Professionals come to talk with attendees about what they do and why young people should be aware of their organization. Everyone in attendance is invited to eat, learn, and socially connect which helps to build trust and remind us all that we are working together to create a sense of recovery and healing in Pennsylvania. It has become the highlight of our summers to host Wellness Days for youth and young adults around the state and we are already looking forward to next year!

Ready to Join the MOVEment? Become a Chapter, Today!

We’re always looking to increase our chapter presence all over the U.S. If you would like your youth group to be a part of a national effort, then check out our downloadable checklist form and review it with your group. If you feel that the group is ready to apply, reach out to Member Services at  [email protected].or complete and send an application using the Qualtrics link below by our deadlines of April 15th and Sept 15th.

Are you ready to become a chapter? There are just three more steps.

  • Check out our Becoming a Chapter Document, which includes our Chapter Readiness Checklist. The checklist is a great guidance tool to see if your youth group is ready for the process.
  • Use the link below to fill out the online chapter application.
    [You can view a pdf of the application here if you aren’t quite ready to submit your application] 

The Youth MOVE chapter application process is created to ensure that groups are truly youth-driven and ready to successfully engage in our national network of youth advocates.

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