What Helps, What Harms

What is What Helps, What Harms?

What Helps, What Harms is Youth MOVE National’s policy initiative. It’s been led by Project Director Jessica Grimm, of Bravehearts MOVE New York. Her work has engaged over 50 Youth MOVE chapters in holding forums in chapter communities, leading young adults through a series of questions. All youth are able to share what helps in achieving success and what is harmful in their life. The questions apply to all aspects of youth life, including services, culture, community, climate, and more. Through a rigorous compilation project, Youth MOVE National presents the comprehensive youth voice of the Youth MOVE Chapter Network. Youth MOVE National uses this document to guide policy work moving forward. The youth have spoken and we are listening.

The What Helps, What Harms national policy centers around three themes—Peer Support, Cultural Competency, and Youth Voice—as well as six pillars—Education, Community, Mental Health, Foster Care, Juvenile Justice, and Employment—identified by youth nationwide.

About Jessica Grimm

Jessica Grimm serves as the Director of the Bravehearts MOVE of New York and nationally as the Project Director of What Helps, What Harms for Youth MOVE National. She has been working as an advocate for young adults for the past 12 years. Jessica knows firsthand the value and importance of youth voices being heard, by not having one of her own as a child. Her lived experience allows her the blessing to be able to connect with young people and work collaboratively on personal goals and system reform. Being the proud mother of 2 beautiful children, Jessica especially enjoys mentoring young woman that are parenting.

Jessica sits on various county committees and advisory boards. She has spoken at numerous events both locally and nationally on the importance of youth voice, engagement, and involvement. Jessica has traveled and presented internationally on youth engagement. She continues her daily efforts to promote better outcomes for youth. in her community and across the country. As she always says, “there is healing, in helping”.