Youth Best Practice Committee

Established in 2016, the Youth Best Practice Committee (YPBC) supports young leaders and systems around the nation with understanding the value of youth voice in systems-change work.

Four Purpose Areas

  1. Youth Voice in Local and National Evaluation Efforts
  2. Youth Engagement in Systems Change
  3. Youth Peer Support
  4. Youth Program Quality Assurance

The committee has a robust, culturally diverse membership, who represent lived experience across a spectrum of systems. Membership includes youth, young adults, and other professional partners currently working as advocates dedicated to the youth movement. YBPC members use their personal experiences and voices to define what quality youth driven partnerships look like, as well as key outcomes for individuals, organizations, and systems who serve youth and implement youth programming.

The YBPC advises the field on the development and application of best practice approaches for engaging youth in systems transformation through meaningful planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of the programs that serve them. Particularly, the committee advises on efforts related to System of Care expansion, quality indicators for youth peer support, utilizing data to sustain youth-guided and driven practices, and the value of assessing quality of youth programming.The YBPC works to develop best practice standards, resources, and products to be disseminated to the field to support communities in becoming youth-driven.

Round Tables

Each year, the YBPC and YMN host an annual event at the University of South Florida Annual Research and Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health. Face-to-face time is utilized to provide professional development opportunities for YBPC members, as well as an open session aimed at bringing young adults and adult allies together for exploratory conversations around issues relevant to the youth movement.

Youth MOVE National brings young people and adult partners together for an exploratory conversation around best practices for youth and young adult engagement in systems change work. These Round Table sessions examine the role of data collection in quality improvement processes to assist in the design and implementation of best practices for youth driven care across systems that promotes sustainable youth programs.

Products by the YBPC

Interested in the YBPC?

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