Youth Best Practice Committee

Established in 2016, the Youth Best Practice Committee (YPBC) supports young leaders and systems around the nation with understanding the value of youth voice in systems-change work.


The Youth Best Practice Committee (YBPC) has a robust, culturally diverse membership, who represent lived experience across a spectrum of systems such as mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare, etc. Membership includes youth, young adults, and other professional partners currently working as advocates dedicated to the youth movement. YBPC members use their personal experiences and voices to define what quality youth driven partnerships look like, as well as key outcomes for individuals, organizations, and systems who serve youth and implement youth programming.

The YBPC advises the field on best practice approaches for engaging youth in systems transformation through meaningful planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of the programs that serve them. The YBPC develops best practice standards, resources, and products to help communities become youth-driven.


The full YBPC meets quarterly, and monthly as subcommittees based on areas of interest.
Current subcommittees include:

  • Youth Peer Support
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Youth MOVE Peer Center Advisory Committee 

Examples of Products by the YBPC


Interested in joining the YBPC?

Applications open in October through November annually. New members are onboarded in December, and start their first meeting in January.

  • YBPC members serve one calendar year, from January through December, on YMN’s Committees, and may reapply if they wish during the annual application period to serve additional terms.
  • YBPC members are asked to attend a one hour long meeting per month, and may volunteer for additional project work as they are able in between meetings. The full YBPC meets four times per year. Subcommittees meet in the months that the full Committee does not meet. All meetings take place on Wednesdays at 6pm – 7pm  Eastern Time (New York). Use this time zone converter to check what that means for where you live!
  • Once voted in, YBPC members must choose at least one subcommittee to participate in, in addition to the full YBPC.
  • YBPC members earn a stipend if they participate in at least two out of three of meetings each quarter. This stipend is paid 4x a year (quarterly). 
  • Please reach out ([email protected]) to learn more.

Interested in the YBPC?

If you’d like to learn more about the Youth Best Practice Committee, membership opportunities, or how the YPBC can collaborate with your organization, get in contact with us today.