Y-VOC Survey & Assessment

Assessment of Youth/Young Adult Voice on Committees and Councils (Y-VOC)

Are you part of a local, regional, state, or national-level advisory or governance committee/council that includes young people as members? Or do you work with a committee or council like this?

IF SO, here is an opportunity to support the work of Youth MOVE National and Pathways RTC — AND to have a 1-in-50 chance of winning a $100 gift card!

Researchers at Pathways RTC (Portland State University) are collaborating with Youth MOVE National in developing the Assessment of Youth/Young Adult Voice on Committees and Councils (Y-VOC). The Y-VOC is intended to measure support for the participation of youth and young adults as full and active members of advisory/governance committees and councils.

We are currently undertaking a study to determine whether the Y-VOC is an accurate assessment tool for committees and councils to use if they wish to measure their support for youth and young adult voice.

To do this, we are widely recruiting committees and councils with at least 15 members. A “point person” on the committee/council will send us a list of members’ email addresses. Each member will then receive an email from us, with a link to complete an online survey that takes 10-15 minutes.

Participants who complete the survey can enter a drawing with a 1-in-50 chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

If 12 or more members of your committee/council complete the survey, you can elect to receive a report that will show your scores on the assessment.

To participate, simply have a “point person” for your council or committee send an email to Cassie Diaz at [email protected]. You will receive further instructions in return.

The survey will open in mid-March 2018, and we will continue collecting data for several months.

Thank you for your support of youth and young adult voice!
Janet Walker and Caitlin Baird
Brie Masselli and Alice Topaloff

Youth MOVE National and Portland State University have also developed the Y-VAL, which is the assessment of Youth/Young Adult Voice at the Agency Level. This tool measures how well an agency or organization is supporting youth and young adults to be involved in advising and decision making. To learn more about the Y-VAL tool, go here. If you are unsure whether the Y-VAL or the Y-VOC would be more appropriate for you to use, contact Cassie Diaz at [email protected].

Learn more about the Critical Themes assessed in the Y-VAL and Y-VOC here.