You are currently viewing Guest Post: Felicite Short Film – The End of Youth in a Declining Digital Age.

Guest Post: Felicite Short Film – The End of Youth in a Declining Digital Age.

Written by: Jibran Kabani, the writer and director of the Felicite Short Film Project.

Adolescent mental health has fallen into a national crisis in a digital world driven by instant gratification. From data collected by the CDC to journals from Harvard Medical Review, the struggles Youth have in creating new friendships, navigating the end of adolescence, and entering a technological world driven by instant gratification have become evident.

Seeing too many bright Young Adults fall into cyclical societal traps, a group of students from local Boston & LA youth groups is coming together to illustrate the repercussions of normalized behaviors in an increasingly virtual world. The story is not a judgment or criticism of today’s environment but the devastating effect it has on adolescent development. Through this project we hope to show struggling Youth they are not alone, showcase the power of hope and identify the cyclical realities of friends and family lost.

We are currently raising funds to bring this project to life. Primarily needed to transport and feed all 21 and under cast, our mission hopes to remove the stigma regarding mental health and connect youth communities looking to do the same. Attached below is our fundraiser equipped with our story breakdown and scientific process.

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  1. Martha

    fantastic work. had an opportunity to view the film with our community in Irvine. well done!!

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