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Out of This World – A Guide to Implementing Grounded Youth Peer Support

During the Youth MOVE Change Initiative, those involved in the fellowship program put together projects relating to the world of peer support. One of the fellows, Nakiya Lynch, chose to create a ‘Zine: “A Guide to Implementing Grounded Peer Support.” This zine breaks down how to implement authentic youth peer support in agencies of care through the relationship between agency readiness, hiring, and retention.

Check Out the ‘Out of This World’ Zine Here >>

About the Author:  Nakiya (They/Them) is a 22-year-old genderqueer person, lesbian and self-described “fire cracker.” They are passionate, direct, outgoing and known for their interesting fashion choices and bright green hair. Lynch is ardent about pressing for inclusivity and intersectionality in Black and LGBTQ spaces. Through their advocacy, they hope to teach LGBTQ youth and parents of LGBTQ youth about important topics including sexual health — especially in their hometown of Prince George’s County, Maryland, where they feel these topics are not well-addressed in schools and community services. When they’re not scrolling through Twitter, spending time with friends or at their job at the local Department of Social Services, they can be found at a rally or at an event speaking on behalf of queer foster youth. They love to laugh almost as much as they love justice and making sure everyone has equal access to resources, support and community inclusivity.

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