Youth MOVE Detroit Has Expanded Its Efforts in Michigan

While Youth MOVE chapters are diverse in their program offerings and approach, each is working to meet the needs of youth in their particular community. From offering personal development opportunities, delivering leadership and advocacy training, to providing youth peer support, Youth MOVE chapters are bringing community and connection to youth across the country.

Youth MOVE Detroit has grown from a small program to a chapter that engages youth across their city — and, as we learned during our follow-up, throughout Michigan. This chapter provides specific opportunities for personal growth and empowerment for each of its members. The commitment Youth MOVE members have to this chapter is astounding, when funding was in short supply, youth readily gave up their stipends to continue their chapter’s work.

That’s why they were awarded the Youth MOVE Chapter of the Year Rockstar Award in 2018. So we decided to catch up in celebration of the Rockstar Awards 2019 being open for nominations.

What work have you been up to since the Rockstar Awards 2018 ceremony in Washington, DC?

Since the Rockstar Awards, Youth MOVE Detroit has continued helping Youth throughout Wayne County. We have partnered with other Youth MOVE Chapters in Michigan on various projects, increased our network, and have been spending a lot more time participating in Youth MOVE National’s Chapter Chats.

This year, Youth MOVE Detroit was awarded a $12,500 grant to increase youth involvement and grow our chapter.

Also this year, Youth MOVE Michigan was awarded the Dare to Dream America grant were we partnered with chapters in Michigan, created a BE SEEN campaign geared towards decreasing stigma, created a BE SEEN video for the campaign, partnered in raising awareness about mental health throughout social media, and increased our presence in the community.

The Rockstar Awards are decided by a committee of young adults involved in systems change work nationwide. What did winning the Rockstar Award mean to Youth MOVE Detroit?

Winning this award has shown our chapter that all of our hard work does not go unnoticed. It has given the youth the confidence to go out in the community, share their story, empower youth, network, and engage new partners. This award was the first of many awards and we appreciate everyone who nominated us, assisted us, empowered us, and most importantly supported us throughout our journey.

How has your work impacted the lives of young adults in your field? What makes you passionate about doing the work you do?

Youth MOVE Detroit is dedicated to empowering youth to be the change they wish to see. We have brought youth out of their shells, given them tools and trainings to increase their leadership and life skills, and allowed youth to be empowered while empowering other youth along the way.

We are passionate about the work we do because we see the impact that our presence has in the community. We see the impact when we tell our story. We see the impact when we partner with other youth and uplift youth in the community. And most importantly, we see the impact we have on the youth in our chapter, during every meeting and at every event. These young people are able to transform into the leaders that they have always been and make a difference in the community.

What can we expect next from Youth MOVE Detroit?

Youth MOVE Detroit, along other Youth MOVE chapters in Michigan, is in the process of planning a statewide Youth Summit in August. The Theme is BE SEEN.

We are also in the process of planning Teen Forum in July, with one of the councilmen in Detroit, geared toward gun violence prevention and youth involvement.

With both of these events, we hope to recruit new members and continue making a difference in our communities and in the lives of others.

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