Youth MOVE National Announces New Mission & Vision

Over the last year, Youth MOVE National has been working both internally as well as with external partners to craft a 5-year plan of focused goals to further promote and enhance youth voice in systems all across the nation! This has been a lofty, but fun and insightful process. One of the tasks at the beginning was to review our mission and vision statements. Staff, Board, and partners were included in reviewing the current statements and adding and altering them to appropriately fit our scope.

The original mission and vision were crafted by a group of young adults who were involved in Youth MOVE at the time, and, the interesting part of this story is that not much has changed! We worked to addn an emphasis on systems beyond mental health, making the statements more simple and direct, and what we came with looked relatively similar to what that original group of youth came up with all those years ago.

We are who we always have been, with a little more laser focus, and have so many exciting things to share over the coming months, and the next 5 years! Stay tuned for all the good stuff!

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