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Rockstar Spotlight: Al Exito Iowa

We are excited to be highlighting the winners from this year’s RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition).

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Al Exito Iowa is the recipient of the Organization of the Year Award

This award is given to an individual who distinguishes themselves in the following ways:

  • Outstanding and continued development of youth-guided programs and practices.
  • Recognized as a leading organization in engaging and promoting youth voice in all levels of the organization.
  • Outstanding implementation of authentic youth engagement as is evidenced in written policies and procedures, presence of youth on governing authorities, and as reported by young people in program.
  • Outstanding commitment to youth engagement as is evidenced by efforts among others to ensure youth are fully integrated into work.
  • Outstanding and continued support of a recognized chapter of Youth MOVE National as evidenced by the creation of a positive partnership between youth and adults/parents.

Now, let’s learn a little bit more about the Rockstars at Al Exito Iowa!

Al Éxito is the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the educational achievement and transformative leadership capacity of Latinx youth and their families, to succeed in life and participate fully in Iowa. Al Éxito inspires, prepares, supports, and positions Latinx leaders, middle school through college, for postsecondary attainment, career readiness, and civic engagement. Al Éxito integrates culturally specific strategies to ensure Latinx youth have access to resources and opportunities. Al Éxito fosters Latinos’ collective influence to build a better future for our communities and state.

Mission: Al Exito accelerates Latinx youth’s academic achievement and leadership capacity through transformative opportunities for youth, and their families, to fully participate and thrive in Iowa’s communities.

Vision: Al Exito advances Iowa’s prosperity through Latinx excellence.

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Thank you Al Exito Iowa for being a Rockstar!

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