The Rockstar Fundraiser

Turn up the volume on Youth Voice with your donation!

Hello Youth Advocates!

We are so excited to be launching our 2020 crowdfunding campaign for our Rockstars. Youth MOVE National presents the Rockstar Awards to people and organizations who have made an outstanding contribution toward the improvement of youth or youth-serving systems—like mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare. Check out the 2019 Rockstars to see the kind of amazing work that happens!

This is your opportunity to directly support youth across the nation who are using their voice for advocacy, systems change and creating better communities for everyone.

This year, we will be fundraising for a variety of perks to honor and celebrate the 2020 Rockstar winners with special prizes for donors. 

Check out the donor perks and Rockstar prizes!

When we reach $5,000

We’ll be taking Rockstars backstage to enjoy the “C’MON 2021 SELF-CARE PACKAGE. They will receive a tour of the Youth MOVE stage by receiving additional professional development materials curated by Youth MOVE National Crew.  

When we reach $7,500

Rockstars at this point aren’t just touring the backstage arena, they’re the opening act! This means providing an opportunity to enhance their advocacy skills. Rockstars will receive a scholarship to our Youth Advocate Leadership Academy (YALA) ! Our Leadership Academy gives youth the skills needed to make change in their communities and the systems that serve them. We do it by leveraging every youth’s lived experience as an asset to make change happen.
More Info on the YALA.

When we reach $10,000

Wow! A sold out arena of honoring youth voice and experience. The Rockstars ARE the main act, in the most authentic and youth-driven way that the show can go. Rockstars will receive all of the amazing perks from the previous goals, but now that they are standing on the stage, rocking out, they’ll need their own equipment. Rockstars will be provided an iPad and tech package (apps & accessories) to help them spread their voice! 

Donor Perks

If you become a monthly donor, you will receive a special perk: Our specially-designed “I am a youth advocate” sunglasses! 

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