Rockstar Spotlight: Gwen White

We are excited to be highlighting the winners from this year’s RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition).

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Gwen White is the recipient of the Dr. Gary M. Blau Professional of the Year Award.

Dr. Gary M. Blau Professional of the Year is given to an individual who distinguishes themselves in the following ways:

  • Outstanding and continued service to the profession through active support of youth voice as evidenced by efforts to ensure youth voice is fully integrated into the work.
  • Outstanding and continued commitment to youth engagement in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the field. These standards may be met in a variety of ways, including activity that involves exceptional creativity, innovation, intellectual or moral courage, leadership, or scholarship.
  • Outstanding research and/or publication in any media or format that contributes to the further understanding and development of authentic engagement of youth voice.
  • Outstanding and continued performance as a teacher in the field of social services or a closely related field.

Now, let’s learn a little bit more about Rockstar, Gwen White!

Gwen White’s career of developing innovative approaches to mental health service delivery for children, young adults, and families, has spanned decades, states, and many, many roles. From Project Director of federal grants in Pennsylvania to national Training and Technical Assistance expert roles at Georgetown University, CARS, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Gwen has brought her expertise on young adult transitions and systems transformation to many of us. No matter what role Gwen is holding, she is sure to be found in partnership with young adults. Gwen has been a long-time partner, ally, and co-consultant with the Youth MOVE National team.

Gwen is currently a Training and Technical Assistant Consultant with the national Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child Youth and Family Mental Health.

Watch Gwen’s Acceptance at the 2020 RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition)

Thank you Gwen for being a Rockstar!

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