Rockstar Spotlight: Rose Amina Daniels

We are excited to be highlighting the winners from this year’s RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition).

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Rose Amina Daniels is the recipient of the Tricialouise Gurley-Millard Youth Advocate of the Year Award

This award is given to an individual who distinguishes themselves in the following ways:

  • Outstanding and continued performance as a youth or young adult advocate between the ages of 14 and 29 with lived experience in one or more child-serving system including, but not limited to, mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare.
  • Recognized and respected amongst peers and adults for exemplary leadership skills.
  • Outstanding and continued commitment to authentic representation of youth voice in a manner consistent and relative to youth culture and issues These standards may be met in a variety of ways, including activity which involves moral courage, social media, creative arts, youth support groups, etc.
  • Outstanding participation in youth-led projects and/or groups aimed to increase awareness of mental health, juvenile justice, education or child welfare issues.

Now, let’s learn a little bit more about Rockstar, Rose Amina Daniels!

Moving from Long Island, New York to Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in 2016 where I began working with youth at the Catholic Youth Center. In 2017 I decided to speak up and advocate for enriching activities for the newly opened Youth Drop-in program after hearing about struggles the teens were facing outside of the program. This advocacy led me to become the program coordinator and truly invigorate the teens the way I knew would truly make a difference. From there I was inclined to look into working for the systems of care grant as a youth task lead in 2018. In my role I was in charge of a leadership group called Youth Advocacy Squad where we met 2 times a month to discuss ways to improve mental health services in our county with eachother and with professionals taking part in our grant initiative. We also ran support groups as well as empowerment groups with local group homes and homeless shelters for youth. Today I am still running the youth drop-in as well as a new position called Cultural Implementation & youth Engagement specialist. Our focus is on building diversity in our systems of care in our community that truly represent the people who reside here. I am also currently studying Fine Arts in hopes to become an artist for change through my community arts program Breakout Art Movement which is focused on uplifting the youth through creativity as well as giving people of all ages safe, fun, and intellectually stimulating community experiences.

Thank you Rose for being a Rockstar!

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