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YMN Joins Change Matrix on Leadership Podcast

Recently, Johanna was invited to join an episode of ‘Living Adaptive Leadership,’ a new podcast by Change Matrix. In this episode, she explores the many ways she lives out adaptive leadership principles in her work at Youth MOVE National.

Listen to Episode 2 of Living Adaptive Leadership: Youth

At Change Matrix, we have been practicing training in, coaching around, and incorporating into our work adaptive leadership for the last 25 years. Based largely on the work of Ron Heifetz and Martin Linsky, we feel this practice is an especially equitable type of leadership.  We wanted to create this particularly timely podcast series to share what we have learned about and are learning as adaptive leaders. A transcript of the podcast can be found here.

More on Youth MOVE National’s Youth Advocate Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy gives youth the skills needed to make change in their communities and the systems that serve them. We do it by leveraging every youth’s lived experience as an asset to make change happen.

Youth MOVE’s work to bring adaptive leadership skills to youth advocates is discussed in detail! If you’re interested in finding out more about our work in youth leadership training, you can explore that here.

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