Youth MOVE Choice Voice Change (CVC)

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Host Organization: MIKID

Today, MIKID employs over 100 trained staff offering support, education, and skills development to families and their children as well as youth and young adults who are experiencing mental health and behavior challenges throughout Arizona. This is accomplished through MIKID staff providing one-on-one family support, transitional age youth services, peer support, health promotion, support groups, training and education, both individual and community-based living skills, respite, and connecting families and individuals with natural supports in the community. MIKID’s approach is grounded in the focus of assisting families and youth to have a strong and respected voice in the services they receive, the systems that provide those services, and their community at large. These services are unique in that those staff providing many of these services are family members, parents, and young adults who have personal “lived experience” in dealing with behavioral health needs. MIKID requires all staff who provide services to the parents we serve to have “lived experience”.

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