Move It Forward 2020

MOVE It Forward

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign
MOVE It Forward is the slogan for much deeper work—uniting individual youth from Youth MOVE Chapters across the country in crafting and presenting a message, a demand for change. Each year the most pressing issue for our network may change, but Youth MOVE will still be here to MOVE It Forward.

Perfect Vision in 20/20

This year we will be creating a nation-wide vision board that will feature CHMA 2020 projects including photos, videos, event flyers, essays, poems, physical vision boards to highlight blindspots we identified around us. A vision board is a tool that is used to focus on a specific goal. Usually presented through physical media, images represent those goals and ways to get there. For the purpose of this toolkit, the definition is expanded to include a variety of mediums to focus on our goals for mental health awareness. We want to highlight, through a new lens, calls for policy-change action that can be used to create changes in youth-serving systems.

“Perfect Vision in 20/20” fits the current situation we are experiencing with COVID-19. In creating a vision, plan, strategy, and identified policy changes needed for the future, we want to address existing blind spots and implement improved systems for youth.

YMN will be creating an online space for our vision of strong Systems of Care and communities – and so can you! This toolkit will help you make your own vision boards and connect into the larger scope of this year’s project with us. We have a lot of ideas (poetry, memes, journals, scrapbooks, videos, photography, painting, plays, and more!). This toolkit will help provide resources and opportunities to join the Youth MOVE National campaign!

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“Perfect Vision in 20/20: MOVE It Forward Vision Board” Session

Our vision session took place on May 7th, 2020 sharing in a discussion around this years Children’s Mental Health Awareness campaign surrounding the blindspots we are seeing in relation to mental health. We want to find ways that we can use this opportunity and our vision board to better systems and policy change. We talked about the gaps we are seeing for youth as well sharing topic ideas, examples of projects you can do with your groups, and some quick tutorials. 

Check out the workshop video

Check out the presentation slides

2020 Vision Boards

Our 2020 vision boards will go live on May 12th, 2020 and we will continue to add them throughout the year. Please share your projects for “Perfect Vision in 20/20!” – Directions below.