Coaching & Professional Development

Coaching & Professional Development

Welcome to the YMCI Coaching & Professional Development portal. Each week, we will be posting a new series of videos, activities, information, and discussion topics will be posted. Each of these topics will focus on an area of interest that we are excited to platform as a way to highlight topics that are important to the YMCI initiative (expanding workforce development for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth!).

Topics to choose from:

Native Youth & Families | State Legislative Process | Mental Health & Youth of Color | Self & Community Care | Advocacy 101 | Data Justice 
Unpacking Mental Health & Stigma in Latinx Communities | Radical Self-Care & Activism | Being an Effective Ally Against Oppressive Systems | Ableism 101

Radical Self-Care &  Activism with Blair Imani: Blair Imani is a critically acclaimed historian, author, educator, and influencer. Her scholarship spans the subjects of intersectionality, gender studies, race and racism, sociology, and United States history. The NY Times praises Blair’s unique ability to create “progressive lessons with vibrant visuals and a perky, quirky delivery.”

Being an Effective Ally Against Oppressive Systems with Ashlee Marie Preston : Ashlee Marie Preston is rapidly emerging as a prominent, cultural presence in the age of the conscious consumer. She aims to secure endorsement deals with future-forward brands that are shifting the social ecology via diverse representation—and authentic voices.

Mental Health & Youth of Color: In this engaging episode of our Ask the Expert series, Solome Tibebu, Director of The Upswing Fund, and Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, Founder & Director of The AAKOMA Project, discuss how mental health stigma and care access gaps show up in communities of color, and the steps that funders, stakeholders, and providers can take to reach youth of color and support their emotional and mental health.

Native Youth & Families: In this installment of our Ask the Expert series, Solome Tibebu, Director of The Upswing Fund, and Dr. Virgil Moorehead, Executive Director of Two Feathers Native American Family Services, discuss the unique needs of Native youth and families and what it means to support their mental health in a culturally responsive manner. 

Unpacking Stigma in Latinx Communities: The LatinXpert is hosted by Gabriela Fresquez. The LatinXpert explores all things Latinx in media, politics, and social empowerment. Gabriela is a Mexican-American actor and host who has appeared in over 40 network and national television shows and commercials. She’s previously co-hosted the nationally syndicated Latin Nation on LATV, the docu-web series, Inspira, DocTalk on the Documentary Channel, and Take Part Live on Pivot TV.

Advocacy 101: Advocacy is one of the most influential people-power tools that we have. Time and time again, advocates have led the way to legislative victories and social change. There is no power better than the people. This Advocacy 101 training is full of the tools to effectively advocate for the issues most important to you and your community.

Understanding the State Legislative Process: Every State Legislative process is different. But what remains the same for all States, is that policy cannot be written about us, without us, and ALL people deserve to be a part of this process. However, if you don’t understand the general process of policy writing and its passage, how will you ever be able to participate? That’s why we are providing you with this training today. In this training, we will dive deep into the Legislative Process.

Data Justice: In this workshop, we define program evaluation, learn about data collection methods and sources, and reflect on the relationship between data and power. From these discussions, we define data justice-informed program evaluation and explore existing evaluation models which fit these criteria. We end with a hypothetical case study to examine these principles in action.

Self & Community Care: During this presentation, we will cover a variety of topics and issues, including burnout, vicarious and direct trauma, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and boundary-setting. This workshop is helpful for organizations, schools, and businesses seeking tools and techniques to increase retention and empower clients, customers, patients, students, and employees.

Ableism 101: Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC) prepares young people with disabilities to be actively engaged community leaders through education, leadership development and community service.