2021 Rockstar Feature: NCQA

The 2021 Rockstar Awards have come to a close, and there are so many people to thank for the amazing RAVE we had on Twitch. This year, we launched the Rockstar Fundraiser, a way to sponsor Rockstars and give them perks to help them in their professional journey for youth advocacy in mental health. We had three very generous sponsors and want to highlight the phenomenal work they do to help youth and young adults change systems for the better! Today, we want to look at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a proud sponsor of Rockstar 2021 and a partner to Youth MOVE National!

NCQA’s Mission: Improve the quality of health care.
NCQA’s Vision: Better health care. Better choices. Better health.

NCQA Points the way to health care that science says works, studies how well health plans and doctors provide scientifically recommended care, and identifies organizations that are run in ways that make care better. Their work saves thousands of lives, helps millions of people stay healthy, and saves the country billions of dollars.

Before NCQA, health care was operating data-free and “in the dark.” They were founded as an independent nonprofit in 1990 to “turn on the lights.”

Be sure to check out NCQA’s recent discussion of behavioral health, Joint Accountability for Behavioral Health Includes You, which you can read by clicking here>>

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