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Partnership During Difficult Times

Now more than ever, we know we are not alone. This global pandemic has pulled us together with a singular focus. We believe in the strength of connection, collaboration, and consensus, now more than ever. Just like your community is pulling together partners to face the current pandemic, so are we. 

To respond to this pandemic, and future challenges that will inevitably face us, we need strong partners. Partnership to us means we are in relationships that build connections, fosters authentic engagement, and provides action-focused leadership. 

Partnership in action means that we work in collaboration with each other. This is particularly important to Youth MOVErs because we bring valuable lived experience perspectives to the table and steward a multitude of youth voices in our work. We want to be equally represented at partnership tables and to be emboldened to truly drive change. This means we can be demanding, but vital, partners in creating positive systems change!

Youth MOVE National has very strong partners and allies in youth mental health spaces, and each of them is contributing to the COVID-19 effort with resources and supports. We want to make sure you know what’s available from each of them!

TA Network

The TA Network provides training and technical assistance to states, tribes, territories, and communities to change and innovate children’s behavioral health. The network includes a rich, diverse group of partner organizations and consultants to ensure a broad array of expertise.

Learn more about the TA Network here: 

The TA Network is convening a series of conversations and disseminating resources related to COVID-19. 

Managing Now for a BETTER Tomorrow: Conversations & Resources During COVID-19

LGBTQ Quality Improvement Center

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation provides technical assistance and implementation support on creating culturally responsive systems for children, youth, and families with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression via the LGBTQ QIC.

The QIC newsletter is the place for a regular, robust round-up of quality resources to support the wellbeing of you, including resources for the current pandemic. Sign up here 

Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy – BRSS TACS

BRSS TACS advances effective recovery supports and services for people with mental or substance use disorders and their families by offering intensive training and technical assistance. Learn more about BRSS TACS here 

BRSS TACS is curating COVID-19 resources.

C4 Innovations

C4 Innovations advances recovery, wellness, and housing stability for people who are marginalized; working with service organizations, communities, and systems to develop and implement research-based solutions that are person-centered, recovery-oriented, and trauma-informed.

In response to COVID-19, C4I is curating lists of resources that are in line with their values: 

Family Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA)

FREDLA works to build strong, sustainable family-run organizations and together influence policy and practice to support children and families. FREDLA put together a list of Resources for Talking with Children and Youth about Coronavirus.

As we move through this pandemic, gathering resources and working with partners is more crucial than ever. Please reach out if you would like to partner with us! [email protected]

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