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YMN Releases Black Youth Allyship Guide

Youth MOVE National is excited to share a new resource that we have created in response to our recent commitment to anti-racism. “Standing in Solidarity: A Guide for Becoming a Better Ally to Black Youth” aims to help youth peers and supportive adults find ways to create change in your organizations. Last week, we were preparing the release of this guide, so we wanted to talk about how we vet sources.

Over the last couple of months, we have seen an outpouring of new resources on how to become an ally with Black people. We’ve been spending time in that space as well, so, as a youth advocacy organization, we wanted to put that energy into sharing resources, media, and things to consider when working with youth of color.

The guide takes a look at things that you can do as a youth, youth worker, teacher, co-worker, or parent. We share a variety of age-appropriate resources, as well as ways to facilitate anti-racist space. As an organization committed to becoming more anti-racist, we consider this a working document that will morph over time with updates.

What are you or your organization doing to become more anti-racist? Share in the comments and let’s find ways to make these changes together!

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