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Rockstar Spotlight: Christina Breen

We are excited to be highlighting the winners from this year’s RAVE (Rockstar Awards Virtual Edition).

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Christina Breen is one of the recipients of the Marlene Matarese Advocate for Youth of the Year Award

This award is given to an individual who distinguishes themselves in the following ways:

  1. Outstanding and continued support and facilitation of youth and young adult voice as evidenced by involvement in youth-led projects, training, etc.
  2. Recognized as a significant support person for youth and young adults involved in advocating for positive systems change.
  3. Outstanding and continued commitment to being a champion for youth voice.
  4. Outstanding relationships with youth and young adults.

Now, let’s learn a little bit more about Rockstar, Christina Breen!

Christina Breen (she/her) is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Training Specialist working with Chautauqua County’s System of Care. Christina’s background is Community Development and Social Work, and has experience leading youth engagement efforts in many sectors. She holds many certifications in evidence based mental health and suicide prevention trainings and curriculums. She is a notable local and regional trainer, whose passion for inclusivity and help seeking comes through in every conversation. Christina’s navigation of mental health challenges as a youth and young adult shapes her compassion for young people and the need to bring their voices to strategic mental health planning. Christina enjoys gravel cycling, camping, time with family and friends, and adventuring with her son, Jack.

Thank you Christina for being a Rockstar!

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